Favorite Brewery in Denver: Zuni Street an editorial review by the Denver Advocate


In a beer city it is hard to say that we are beer people.  But we both enjoy beer, especially good beer, and we are slowly making our way around to the breweries in Denver.  So we haven’t tried as many breweries as most people probably have, but no matter, we still have strong opinions.  And in our opinion Zuni Street Brewery is the best.  Some places just have a certain vibe, one that makes you want to make friends with everyone there.  Zuni has it.

The brewery opened earlier this year at the corner of Zuni and 29th Streets in the Highlands.  We originally heard about the brewery from one of the owners before it opened.  I suppose we have a soft spot for it because of that, but even so, the beer holds up.  Andrew consistently orders the Sit’n Rock Ale, which is an easy drinking hoppy wheat ale.   So, basically squarely in Andrew’s beer wheelhouse.  He could drink it all day if Em would let him.  Em generally orders the Kolsch, but will branch out occasionally and get a Way West Wit or an Eva’s Golden Ale.  All three are very good.  And as with most breweries in Denver, there is always a food truck and something going on like live music, or trivia, or a running club.

But even though the beer is delicious, the vibe is the true selling point.  With large patios on both sides of the tap room, and a laid back, friendly crowd, Zuni is the perfect place to waste away an afternoon.  If you haven’t tried it yet, then get two or three of your best friends and head over there as soon as you get a chance.  You will not regret it.