Packaging Options

Once we finish fermenting your beer in the cellar of Zuni Street, there's a few ways for you to enjoy your delicious nectar! 


Take a keg home.

  • For no added cost we will package your beer in a Zuni Street keg, just return the keg when it's empty
  • Borrow a party tap, take it home, and have a party
  • Throw it on tap on your personal home kegerator
HWS Crowler.jpg

Can Do.

  • Have your beer packaged in Zuni Street Crowlers
  • Crowerling takes a bit of work and material so there's an additional $50 fee
  • Go home with upwards of thirty     32 oz. cans of your beer
  • Share your brew with friends and family abroad
Zuni Run Club Table.jpg

Throw a party at zuni

  • Put your keg on tap at Zuni Street's taproom 
  • No added cost, we just have to make sure your party doesn't conflict with other events in the taproom
  • Have your friends over and enjoy your keg until it kicks