A Story of Nocturnal Creation

Portly Porter & Midnight, WHAT?!
I was very excited to brew Portly Porter. Porters are one of my favorite styles, especially in the winter months, so I was eager to get it on tap before Spring fully sets in. The brew went smooth, I am dialing in the system and finding great success. The Midnight Wheat and chocolate malt used in the grain bill gave the beer a very dark hue that was fun to see move through the system. Dry yet full of flavor, Portly Porter is a dark beer lover’s dream. Dark chocolate and coffee flavors are prominent, with a deep black color and tan head.
The next day I brewed Midnight WHAT?! The day started out funny, as I cleared three grocery stores of all the fresh ginger they had; 20 pounds in total! I got two volunteers in TJ and our good buddy Alex to help peel and grate the ginger. A herculean task to say the least, and with plenty of war wounds to prove it (nothing duct tape couldn’t fix)!
This brew day did not go so smoothly…a combination of too much Midnight Wheat added to the malt bill and some residual darkness from the porter brewed the day before, resulted in the beer being a tad (a lot) darker than I intended. As I started collecting the wort, I saw the color and knew my color was off. The runoff also went very slow and the night was wearing on. I finally got to the knockout of the wort into the fermenter, I checked my watch when the knockout finished, it said 12:03, and my response was “Midnight, what?!” After how funky the brew day was, I found that to be the perfect name for this brew!
Sometimes these things have a way of working out. The darker color lends itself better to the style I was trying to create. This dark Belgian Abbey is packed with ginger, but not overwhelming. The clove flavors from the yeast play well with the ginger, and create a chai tea-like flavor to this tasty treat.
Thanks for reading and we hope to see you all in to try the beers, if you already haven’t!


Willy the Warhammer, March 9, 2017