First Batch in the Bag


The first beers have been brewed and are on their way to finishing and carbonation!
The first brew week started with Adam from Alpha Brewing Operations arriving to commission the equipment and get everything ready for brewing. We spent the week making sure everything worked (there’s a lot of moving parts at Zuni Street), and cleaning and passivating the tanks. Passivation is the process of coating the inside of the fermentation or brew tank in a layer that inhibits oxygen ingression and therefore rust. Once all the tanks were ready and the brewery cleaned, it was time to brew!
The first brew to come through was Eva’s Golden Ale. In memory of TJ’s beloved mother, this golden ale reminds us of the golden woman. It is brewed with malts to accentuate the bready, biscuity goodness, and slightly hopped with aromatic British hops to give it a slightly fruity finish. Our German yeast at colder temperatures was used to ferment the beer to give it a nice crispness.
HUGE thanks to Timmy Evon who is a good friend and head brewer over at Dry Dock. We did not start the brew until close to 5pm on Saturday, and being the first batch, it took some time to get through the system. The brew and cleanup did not finish until 4am. Big props to Timmy for sticking it through until the end!
Sit’n Rock Ale was brewed the very next day, despite the lack of sleep! This puppy went through the system very easily and I’m happy with the results. This American Wheat Ale meets American Pale Ale starts malt forward and estery and then finishes with a nice hop burst. Perfect for those nice sunny days on the patio!
Monday came with Way West Wit. A tasty Belgian style wheat ale popping with banana, clove and phenols that you expect from a wit. Also brewed with coriander and orange peel because, why not?
I brewed a batch of Zuni Street IPA on both Tuesday and Wednesday. We have a 20 barrel fermenter which is a double batch fermenter. Our brewhouse can only make 10 barrels of beer at a time, so it takes two batches to fill up the big boy. Zuni Street IPA is a hop forward beer, highlighting the aromatic and juicy interplay of American style hops. Heavily dry-hopped and not too bitter, our IPA is full of fruity notes from stone fruit to melon, with a solid malt backbone to remind you it is still a beer.
Excited to share what is happening back in Brewhaven with you all! I’m gearing up to do it all again this weekend with some new recipes! Please do not hesitate to reach out with any questions! (


Written by Willy Truettner Feb 18, 2017