Our Ethos

The theme behind our brewery and taproom is our shared appreciation and love of the great outdoors. When you visit our taproom you will find it is not so different from walking into an evergreen forest outside of Estes Park. Both the founders enjoy exploring the wilderness and spending time in nature; we endeavor to share this passion with our customers.

There are so many, many people who have moved to or reside in Colorado because of this aspect of the lifestyle we share that we have embraced it as our ethos and promote the culture of the wandering outdoorsman.

To this effect, we are always trying to find ways to be more sustainable. Here are some of the methods we are using to promote sustainability:

  • All spent grain is sent to a bull ranch in Hoyt, CO.
  • Knockout water is returned to the hot liquor tank to be used in future brews.
  • The roof of the brewery is covered in solar panels.
  • The Green CO2 system eliminates wasteful spillover and leakage of CO2 gas.
  • Annual profits are allocated toward conservation efforts and for planting new trees.